How much sunlight do I need?
More sun means more energy to make your plants grow.  As long as you have a minimum of 3 to 4 direct hours of sunlight a day, your veggies should be happy.

Is more than 3-4 hour OK?

Can I put my garden inside?
No.  Veggies need direct sunlight.  They are happier outside.  Make them happy.


How often do I need to water?
Your VEG Buddies are designed to wick water up from their base automatically, but you will periodically need to add water to the pot. About once every other week. Don’t worry we will send you a reminder 😉

The VEG Hub has a reservoir that needs to be filled with water once a week. We also provide pre-measured nutrients (plant food) you add once a week.


Yes, you can do this.
Because our gardens water themselves, you will spend about 10-15 minutes a week simply monitoring your veggies and looking for bugs. That’s it. You can do this.


How much space do I need for VEG Buddies?
Imagine 3 basketball sized pots. Each pot is roughly 12″ in diameter.

How much space do I need for a VEG Hub?
About the size of an outdoor grill. The hub is roughly 5′ tall x 2′ deep x 3′ wide. The accompanying reservoir is about 2′ x 2.5′.


Can I choose what veggies I want each month?
Eventually you will be able to select exactly what you want, but for right now we curate the varieties of leafy greens, herbs and veggies according to the season.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes.  You can always cancel your subscription to VEG and restart it whenever you would like.


Do I need to wash my leafy greens before I eat them?
Absolutely not 🙂 You can eat your lettuce straight from your garden because you know exactly where it’s from. No pesticides means you can eat worry free, although you might want to give them a quick rinse to make sure there are no bugs.


When do I get charged each month?
Your payment method will be charged the 1st week of each month for buddy growers and the 1st week of every other month for hub growers. It covers your new seeds, supplies, weekly updates & reminders.