Harvesting: basil

The plant that keeps on giving One of the best characteristics of basil is you can use it and let it keep growing. It keeps

growing tips

Getting Your Seeds To Sprout

What Your Seeds Need   Tips for Success Wet the top of your soil ONCE A DAY until seeds sprout. Your buddies should wick up constant

growing tips

Choosing an Area to Grow

The Ideal Location Sunlight: 3-4 hours minimum Your veggies need a minimum amount of direct sunlight in order to grow and prosper. Lettuces enjoy part

growing tips

Pruning: lettuce

Simple Tips for Healthy Growth Pruning lettuce? When we hear the word “prune” we often think about tomatoes or citrus trees or roses, but the practice

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Harvesting: cilantro

It’s Grows Quick! You’ll often hear people grumbling about not being able to grow cilantro, but the truth is it grows quick and does not

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El Nino Garden

El Nino garden

If you are in California chances are it has been, raining cats and dogs.  El Nino typically means an actual Winter for California, filled with rain

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