VEG Fest

A recap from the funnest/freshest night of summer 2016 VEG members and friends shared in the last hoorah of the summer season harvest, enjoying VEG inspired dishes


Park to Plate – August 2016

Park-to-Plate Saturday, August 6th 2pm-5pm @Leucadia Oaks Park – 1511 N Vulcan Ave, Encinitas, CA 92024 We love growing veggies and we also love eating food!


Welcome to Summer

VEG just launched its first season of growing ever in San Diego.  We had a chance to meet some incredible people when we installed gardens

great success
El Nino Garden

El Nino garden

If you are in California chances are it has been, raining cats and dogs.  El Nino typically means an actual Winter for California, filled with rain

great success

Make boring soups amazing

It’s cold outside, which means it’s also soup time.  Dump the lame chicken noodle soup and add some real flavor with herbs….yes fresh herbs, ideally


VEG wins startup pitch competition in Silicon Valley!

VEG recently competed and won the CleanTech Open regional pitch competition in Fremont.  We joined the CleanTech Accelerator in May of 2015 to help VEG

great success

VEG successfully launches VEG Buddy Kickstarter

After getting requests for a smaller garden design for apartments and smaller patios, we decided it was time to launch the VEG Buddy Kickstarter.  The

great success

Attack of the caterpillars!

Will eat your garden like a buffet These little guys can munch through an entire tomato plant in a single afternoon and they seem to appear

pests and bugs

Why Heirloom Veggies Should Be in Your Garden

Heirloom, what the heck is that? Imagine if veggies were antiques. OK, so they might not actually be really old vegetables stinking up your kitchen, but